Pistachios Act II

This play takes place in the summer of 2016. It is the final act of a play that I wrote and co-produced for the Minnesota Fringe Festival of that same year. The story is about two brothers, Marvin and Gary, who are getting together for a family reunion, though one of them has recently found […]

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Trying out the rails

A gentle vibe runs quickly down the rails, the speed of sound through cold steel. There’s something classic about train travel. In the modern world, the US hasn’t figured out how to keep up with the rest of the planet in terms of rail travel, but we were the country that made the train a […]

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A St. Louis Tourist

Views of the river glean memories not my own. It flows history. When considering what this trip was all about, I never came to a solid answer. I knew there were many things that it was for, but I haven’t been able to distill the various purposes into a single reason. Research for the novel […]

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Meeting St. Louis

The corners of a city curve with each look; blunts by discovery. After arriving in St. Louis, my first thought was that I had no idea what the hell to do. I had spent three weeks slowly completing this journey, and then, one day, I was there. Fortunately, I at least had an initial stopping […]

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The destination, but not arrival

riding bicycles is man’s enhancement with it we are supermen On Monday, September 18, I rode through the northern suburbs of St. Louis. Despite the fact that I knew where I was, I couldn’t help but feel like it was just another day on the road. There was nothing about the ride that suggested anything […]

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Reflections while resting

One rides to arrive. Another just to survive. I, to be alive. With each stroke of the pedal, through an endless rolling landscape, under a cloudless sky with 90 degree heat, one can feel themselves getting a little fatigued. You could chalk it up to road exhaustion, but more than anything else, I just need […]

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To the friends not yet met

Strangers wait in the daylight. Motives of kindness give travelers homes. “I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.” -Blanche DuBois Despite the dark tone the above quote has at the ending of Tennessee Williams’ “A Streetcar Named Desire,” I’ve certainly found that Blanche gave some inadvertently good advice. My time on the road […]

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To sleep perchance to dream

Sight of stars begs us relax in silence, resting in the shade of earth. There has been very few days of this trip where I knew where I was going to sleep at the start of each day. That’s new to me. In fact, I often don’t know where that will be until I finally […]

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