Looking back on 2015

Normally a post like this would be reserved for looking back at all the rest of the posts over the course of the year, and we’d all reminisce about our favorites or some such. But seeing as how this blog only started less than a month ago, such a post would be a tad premature. […]

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A Christmas present for Chelsey

I realize that I said in a previous piece that I’ve tried to ignore Christmas the past few years. And it’s true, I have. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t used the day to enjoy myself and/or celebrate togetherness with those I love. My girlfriend, Chelsey, and I had a wonderful Christmas together, in fact, […]

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Secular Salutations!

I think it’s a sign of the cultural dominance of the Christmas holiday that a person such as myself can feel that my topics for blog posts are entirely limited to the various jolly festivities the season imposes upon us all. There are few other holidays in our society that bully everyone into paying homage […]

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Why is Donald Trump so successful?

Ever wonder why Donald Trump is doing so well in the polls? Hardly a day goes by without him making some sort of insulting, degrading, or otherwise frat-boy-esque comment. Meanwhile, your average candidate for president can hardly trip out of line by accident without being burned at the stake of public opinion. I mean, back […]

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Twas the War before Christmas

Twas the last month of ’15, and nearly every single day, one could hear screams and shouts when wished Happy Holidays! “War on Christmas” season was at an all time high, beginning this year with a red coffee cup crime. “Persecution!” they cried, when they got not their way. Then they pissed and they moaned […]

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Three years after Sandy Hook

Monday was the third anniversary of the Sandy Hook massacre, which left 20 children and six adults dead in a mass shooting in Newtown, Conn. In no small part because of the age of the majority of the victims, the Sandy Hook shooting has left an indelible mark on the American consciousness. Not so indelible […]

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In memory of Christopher Hitchens

Easily the most influential author behind my personal apostasy was Christopher Hitchens. The infamous contrarian demonstrated more courage and style in a single conversation than most people do in the whole of their careers. Whether or not you agreed with him on his various stances, you had to at least pause to consider his thoughts, […]

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