A year after the Charlie Hebdo massacre

I’m pleased to see that, a year after the massacre that left a dozen people dead, the Parisian satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo is continuing to do what they’ve always done. It’s an act of bravery indeed to not allow yourself to be cowered into the corner after such an unspeakable act of violence; it’s something we should all aspire to in some way.

Of course, not all see it this way. Some see Charlie Hebdo as nothing but smut, unworthy of defending, and so the continuation of making smut could never be characterized as bravery in any way. Others still see the magazine as blasphemous, and therefore they brought the atrocity upon themselves. If such people wish to so freely distribute the rope with which to hang them in the name of their own sanctimony, let them do so. But leave me out of it, as well as the rest of us who see something far more noble in the free expression of thoughts and ideas, particularly including the ones that take the form of satire.

The cover of subsequent issue of Charlie Hebdo after the massacre. Above Muhammad’s head reads “All is Forgiven”

Shortly after the mass murder by the hands of Islamic extremists who so gleefully shouted from the streets “We have avenged the Prophet Muhammad!” I thought to myself how I might respond to this madness. Especially with artists the world over drawing cartoons in solidarity, it seemed only appropriate to write a satire myself. And what better subject than the Prophet Muhammad himself, as well as the patriarchs of several other religious traditions. You can read the skit in its entirety here.

I’m pleased to say that the community college in my town, Itasca Community College, has an annual art and literary journal that they publish called Spring Thaw, and that they published “The Party of God(s)” in the 2015 edition.

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