Seven years

I was reminded by Facebook that today is the seven-year anniversary of my fb friendship with my dear friend, Andy. That in and of itself would make today one of significance, but it actually means a bit more than you’d presume on face value. It was about this time seven years ago that I truly […]

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What to do on a Sunday morning

One of the simple pleasures, the whiskey in the coffee, of a life after religion is that you find yourself with free time on Sunday mornings. This perk shouldn’t be underestimated; it’s a portion of time that once was under the sole ownership of your congregation as dictated by God himself, where you were ordered to […]

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Life often gets in the way of living. Or at least that’s how I’ve felt the last week or so. Fact of the matter is that Life with a capital L is what living is all about, but it’s hard to square that at certain times. Troubles emerge and we have to deal with them, […]

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The Devil Went Down to Phoenix

The response from the Phoenix City Council to a request from The Satanic Temple to have one of their members give an invocation at the beginning of an upcoming city council meeting is both somewhat expected as well as curious, to say the least. But before we get into any of that, I feel like […]

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