Close calls

When I first began this blog, it wasn’t truly my intent to have its content be some form of autobiography or journal for one Nathan W. Bergstedt. By and large, it hasn’t, though of course the topics chosen are often the direct result of something that’s happened in my life that piques my interest for […]

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I hear that Mary Had A Little Lamb

I’m a sucker for rewrites of famous rhymes and other similar works. There’s just something enchanting and amusing about the practice. So when I saw this on Facebook, I couldn’t help but be drawn in. Fits perfectly, doesn’t it? There is one problem though; the original poem is twice as long as this. In addition […]

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On the coming of spring

Since I decided to regale all of you with news of my future involvement in the Minnesota Fringe Festival with the piece I posted on Sunday, it appears that I’m a couple days behind in giving spring its official LiteralHuman warm welcome. And why should I not? The coming of spring is a beautiful thing, […]

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Finally a Fringe figure

The wait hasn’t been without its frustrations, but it is now over. The Uncommon Loons have officially been invited to be a producer in the 2016 Minnesota Fringe Festival! This isn’t the first time that we’ll have taken a show on the road to Minneapolis. Back in 2014, we joined the Twin Cities 24 Theater […]

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Gettin’ scientific smarter

I’m a substitute teacher, and today I’m in a middle school science class. The only problem, the teacher, who called in early this morning, obviously wasn’t planning on not being here, and therefore there is a not-so-curious lack of lesson plans for me to work with today. Anyone who substitute teaches with any regularity will […]

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Sunday mornings revisted

Outside, the rain has disguised itself as clear air, only revealing itself after you venture out. It’s the type of rain that’s difficult to have a relationship with, for the drops are spread too thin for you to consistently connect with the weather. Given time, a walker might slowly get wet on this peaceful Sunday […]

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On the fringe of the Fringe

Unless you know me personally, readers of this blog might not know that in addition to essays and haikus, I also write plays (as well as fiction, and poetry beyond the haiku). My theater comrade, John, and I even formed the Uncommon Loons Theatre Company a couple years back as the name for our escapades […]

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Learning Twitter

I confess, I’m pretty new to Twitter. Sure, I’ve had an account for years, but I first joined Twitter with an account for work when I was a journalist for the Grand Rapids Herald-Review. I never did much with this account, mostly relying on the paper’s automatic update to tweet for me. Then a few […]

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Super Tuesday in Minnesota

  Yesterday was Super Tuesday: the über glorious name given to the day when 12 states caucus to bring the whole primary election season that much closer to being over. My home state of Minnesota is one of those states, so I made sure to do my part in the whole process. For a Tuesday […]

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