Learning Twitter

I confess, I’m pretty new to Twitter. Sure, I’ve had an account for years, but I first joined Twitter with an account for work when I was a journalist for the Grand Rapids Herald-Review. I never did much with this account, mostly relying on the paper’s automatic update to tweet for me. Then a few years later, I assumed half responsibility for the Uncommon Loons Twitter account for the theater company my comrade John and I created. Even still, John did most of the tweeting, though I did open up to it a bit more.


Through it all though, I never really got into the habit of tweeting or learning the nuance of how to exploit the social media platform until I started an account for LiteralHuman. This was the first account I was ever attached to that was just mine, that I could use to tweet literally anything I wanted. And I started things off by just tweeting links to these blog posts, wondering why no one was ever liking or retweeting them, not to mention why I had so few followers.

As it turns out, people like reading tweets, not just whatever article or blog you’re tweeting a link to. Go figure! And how did I find this out? First off, I’ve been told this. But the idea wasn’t really driven home until I started tweeting haiku… and people started liking and retweeting them. Not to mention, more people started following me!

I’m still a Twitter novice, a twat if you will, and my number of followers proves it. But it’s growing, so I have that much going for me at least.

If anyone has any other suggestions on how to increase my Twitter audience, as well as any other bits of info on how to graduate from twat to the much envied twerker, I’d happily take some advice. Leave a comment below, comment on Facebook, or, of course, send me a tweet.

Crystal formations
gather en masse, spelling out
winter’s cold memoir

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