On the fringe of the Fringe

Unless you know me personally, readers of this blog might not know that in addition to essays and haikus, I also write plays (as well as fiction, and poetry beyond the haiku). My theater comrade, John, and I even formed the Uncommon Loons Theatre Company a couple years back as the name for our escapades in Shakespeare adaptations and various original one-act plays.


Ever since we formed the Loons, an application to the Minnesota Fringe Festival has been sent in with the hopes of bringing one of our original shows down to Minneapolis from the north woods of the state. Being the largest non-juried theater festival in the United States, and the third largest fringe festival the whole of North America, we obviously have been anxious to take part in this incredible annual event. The problem, though, is that the companies and ensembles invited to bring shows are decided by random lottery, and way more companies apply than are able to participate. The best the Uncommon Loons have ever managed in the past was 150th or so on the wait list. Not hardly worth holding our breath about.

But this year, oh yes, this year! We were drawn as fourth on the wait list! And after a couple days, we were already second! So despite the fact that we’re not actually on the performance list yet, we’re operating as if we will be any time now (we’ve both been checking the website every couple hours in anticipation).

So wish us luck, both in the execution of our show and that we get off the wait list sooner than later. Once it’s official, I’ll give a little synopsis of the show we’re planning on writing.

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