Predictable politics

  Well, it appears the primary process for the presidential election is rapidly coming to a close, and as much as I hate to say it, our choice this November is going to be between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. As far as Bernie Sanders is concerned, I’ve heard conflicting reports about his ability to […]

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Confessor to confessee

  One of the things that I didn’t expect after leaving my family’s church was all the secrets of my fellow believers that couldn’t be shared comfortably amongst the faithful. Up until my late 20s, the church was an all-encapsulating presence in my life: the source of my family, my friends, my social life. This […]

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The transgender bathroom question

Despite my better instincts, I feel like I need to weigh in on the matter of transgender people needing to use the bathroom. In fact, I’m not alone: despite everyone’s better instincts, this has become a nationwide topic, no doubt to the embarrassment of basically every transgender person who has ever been out in public […]

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Confiding first in myself

When thinking about all the people to whom I confessed my disbelief in god, I realized that I have yet to write about a key person: me. Well before I told Andy, the first person who ever heard me vocalize my apostasy, and much longer before I ever whispered a clue to my now ex-wife […]

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