It’s called “Pistachios”


It’s been a little while since I’ve given an update on the Fringe Festival play that my theater comrade, John, and I are working on. So far, I’ve given a short synopsis on the play itself, and shared a little story about how we both got drunk and talked about theology for the sake of taking notes for the second act.

Now, at the beginning of June, a couple days after the Fringe deadline for advertising and production details, we have a title, a promotional image, and a completed, functional first draft of the script!

Nathan Bergstedt and John Schroeder to star in an Uncommon Loons production of “Pistachios”

A few weeks ago, we sat down at one of our favorite local pubs and spent some time trying to decide what this play was going to be called. Since it was about two brothers, and about a religious rift between them, we each threw out a whole bunch of melodramatic sounding titles having to do with not being one’s brother’s keeper and all other such Biblical variations that brothers are mentioned. And it was all rubbish. For me personally, each of these options just bummed me out. They just sounded like tired word play that desperately grasped for some to-be-determined heartstrings. So when John said, “How about ‘Pistachios’?” because of some of the food references we talked about including in the show, we both quickly found ourselves playing with this idea, such as what greater significance the pistachio could have in the play, possible symbolism for the nut, and ways that it could work in promotional imagery. In some ways, it fit better than we even hoped, since the T and the A in the middle of the word could easily become the Christian cross and the atheist A-symbol on our poster (details on show typography has yet to be finalized, but we were just excited to see how well that worked!).

As for the completed first draft of the script… I’m just going to leave the update at that for now. John still needs to spend a little extra time with it before we can really start using it for rehearsal purposes, so god knows how it may change in the next couple weeks. But whatever changes that need to happen better happen sooner than later. The show opens in just under two months!

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