Looking for a voice

Every writer – hell, every artist – is in the business of finding their own voice. Artists know what this means, but such a statement might sound like white noise to anyone who isn’t in the business. So in short, the voice is like their fingerprint, the stamp of personality that bleeds red ink into […]

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I hear that Mary Had A Little Lamb

I’m a sucker for rewrites of famous rhymes and other similar works. There’s just something enchanting and amusing about the practice. So when I saw this on Facebook, I couldn’t help but be drawn in. Fits perfectly, doesn’t it? There is one problem though; the original poem is twice as long as this. In addition […]

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Finally a Fringe figure

The wait hasn’t been without its frustrations, but it is now over. The Uncommon Loons have officially been invited to be a producer in the 2016 Minnesota Fringe Festival! This isn’t the first time that we’ll have taken a show on the road to Minneapolis. Back in 2014, we joined the Twin Cities 24 Theater […]

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On the fringe of the Fringe

Unless you know me personally, readers of this blog might not know that in addition to essays and haikus, I also write plays (as well as fiction, and poetry beyond the haiku). My theater comrade, John, and I even formed the Uncommon Loons Theatre Company a couple years back as the name for our escapades […]

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Learning Twitter

I confess, I’m pretty new to Twitter. Sure, I’ve had an account for years, but I first joined Twitter with an account for work when I was a journalist for the Grand Rapids Herald-Review. I never did much with this account, mostly relying on the paper’s automatic update to tweet for me. Then a few […]

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Looking back on 2015

Normally a post like this would be reserved for looking back at all the rest of the posts over the course of the year, and we’d all reminisce about our favorites or some such. But seeing as how this blog only started less than a month ago, such a post would be a tad premature. […]

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