So how do you fix a bike?

The journey begins first with an education. Travel’s on my mind. In hindsight, I had no idea what I needed to know to be prepared for a bike tour. The concept seemed simple enough; have a bicycle and a few bags, and then just ride! But what about if something goes wrong? What if I […]

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I’m going on a bicycle tour

Libations with friends has ways of instigating both love and danger. If I recall correctly, the idea to go on a bicycle tour first started late last fall, after my friend John returned from a through-hike of the Appalachian Trail. He had recently found himself on some crossroads of life, so he decided an adventure […]

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The kids are alright

While walking over to the bike shop to pick up my bicycle after getting a little tender loving care after months of winter wear, I got to thinking about the fact that what I was doing was kind of rare. So I started thinking about how we’re in the middle of an obesity epidemic in […]

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Close calls

When I first began this blog, it wasn’t truly my intent to have its content be some form of autobiography or journal for one Nathan W. Bergstedt. By and large, it hasn’t, though of course the topics chosen are often the direct result of something that’s happened in my life that piques my interest for […]

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