A St. Louis Tourist

Views of the river glean memories not my own. It flows history. When considering what this trip was all about, I never came to a solid answer. I knew there were many things that it was for, but I haven’t been able to distill the various purposes into a single reason. Research for the novel […]

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The scope of our stories

I do love superhero movies, particularly the Marvel Cinematic Universe films. The overarching creation of these united films into a single storyline is undoubtedly the foundation of a new mythology that will likely last for generations, an epic poem of godly heroes who give us hope and tickle our ethos when the casual nature of […]

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The kids are alright

While walking over to the bike shop to pick up my bicycle after getting a little tender loving care after months of winter wear, I got to thinking about the fact that what I was doing was kind of rare. So I started thinking about how we’re in the middle of an obesity epidemic in […]

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Learning Twitter

I confess, I’m pretty new to Twitter. Sure, I’ve had an account for years, but I first joined Twitter with an account for work when I was a journalist for the Grand Rapids Herald-Review. I never did much with this account, mostly relying on the paper’s automatic update to tweet for me. Then a few […]

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Gambling and other drugs

A quick glance at any given social media site today will give the viewer nothing short of an eye-full of posts on the record breaking Powerball jackpot, which after last night’s inability to cash out, is now over a billion dollars. Think about that; many of us have no clue as to how much money […]

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According to a report by the Environmental Protection Agency, your “typical passenger vehicle emits about 4.7 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year.” This is based on a number of different factors, not least of all that the vehicle is driven 11,400 miles per year (mileage taken from the Federal Highway Administration Highway Statistics of […]

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A Christmas present for Chelsey

I realize that I said in a previous piece that I’ve tried to ignore Christmas the past few years. And it’s true, I have. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t used the day to enjoy myself and/or celebrate togetherness with those I love. My girlfriend, Chelsey, and I had a wonderful Christmas together, in fact, […]

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