Informing the family

I still remember quite well the look of my basement office at the house Adrienne and I bought back in 2008. Unfinished but clean with a freshly painted floor and walls, we set up a little covey on one side of the furnace with a few shelves and a desk for the computer. This is […]

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I hear that Mary Had A Little Lamb

I’m a sucker for rewrites of famous rhymes and other similar works. There’s just something enchanting and amusing about the practice. So when I saw this on Facebook, I couldn’t help but be drawn in. Fits perfectly, doesn’t it? There is one problem though; the original poem is twice as long as this. In addition […]

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On the coming of spring

Since I decided to regale all of you with news of my future involvement in the Minnesota Fringe Festival with the piece I posted on Sunday, it appears that I’m a couple days behind in giving spring its official LiteralHuman warm welcome. And why should I not? The coming of spring is a beautiful thing, […]

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Finally a Fringe figure

The wait hasn’t been without its frustrations, but it is now over. The Uncommon Loons have officially been invited to be a producer in the 2016 Minnesota Fringe Festival! This isn’t the first time that we’ll have taken a show on the road to Minneapolis. Back in 2014, we joined the Twin Cities 24 Theater […]

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Seven years

I was reminded by Facebook that today is the seven-year anniversary of my fb friendship with my dear friend, Andy. That in and of itself would make today one of significance, but it actually means a bit more than you’d presume on face value. It was about this time seven years ago that I truly […]

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What to do on a Sunday morning

One of the simple pleasures, the whiskey in the coffee, of a life after religion is that you find yourself with free time on Sunday mornings. This perk shouldn’t be underestimated; it’s a portion of time that once was under the sole ownership of your congregation as dictated by God himself, where you were ordered to […]

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