The symbol of the road ahead

A journey untouched is an adventure soon known. Just think about it. As I approach the final week of preparation for my trip, I can’t help but wonder what I’m forgetting. After months of anticipation, the concept has to become a reality if all the work already put forth is to mean anything, and that’s […]

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The dude a-rides

To move a distance one need know their feet. Or wheels if riding a bike. Riding around the neighborhood, even if you find yourself 20 some miles away from home, always falls a little short of preparing you for a bike tour. It can be good exercise training, but if your destination is ultimately your […]

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So how do you fix a bike?

The journey begins first with an education. Travel’s on my mind. In hindsight, I had no idea what I needed to know to be prepared for a bike tour. The concept seemed simple enough; have a bicycle and a few bags, and then just ride! But what about if something goes wrong? What if I […]

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I’m going on a bicycle tour

Libations with friends has ways of instigating both love and danger. If I recall correctly, the idea to go on a bicycle tour first started late last fall, after my friend John returned from a through-hike of the Appalachian Trail. He had recently found himself on some crossroads of life, so he decided an adventure […]

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Happy 2017!

It’s finally over! 2016 is out for good, never to return! Sure, the turning of the new year means that the past 365-day period of political strife, cultural-icon deaths, and the election of Donald “I can’t contain my childish impulses and will therefore inevitably wage a nuclear war” Trump has come to completion, but I […]

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Being a church tourist

In the time since I became an atheist, I’ve also become a bit of a church tourist. The church in which I grew up harped incessantly about how we were the chosen few, and that all the rest of the world was spiritually lost. So what was the point of visiting other churches? To see […]

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