Post election: a week of reflection

The last few days on Facebook have been trying ones. I’m pretty sure I was unfriended and blocked by at least one person. The posts and memes that have flooded the site by my friends have largely been anti-Trump, or otherwise in solidarity with those who are protesting his ascendancy to the presidency, but even that […]

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Predictable politics

  Well, it appears the primary process for the presidential election is rapidly coming to a close, and as much as I hate to say it, our choice this November is going to be between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. As far as Bernie Sanders is concerned, I’ve heard conflicting reports about his ability to […]

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Super Tuesday in Minnesota

  Yesterday was Super Tuesday: the über glorious name given to the day when 12 states caucus to bring the whole primary election season that much closer to being over. My home state of Minnesota is one of those states, so I made sure to do my part in the whole process. For a Tuesday […]

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The Devil Went Down to Phoenix

The response from the Phoenix City Council to a request from The Satanic Temple to have one of their members give an invocation at the beginning of an upcoming city council meeting is both somewhat expected as well as curious, to say the least. But before we get into any of that, I feel like […]

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